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The28th Korea - China - Japan

Conference on Occupaitional Health

Instruction for Abstracts

Instruction for Abstracts

Deadline for Abstract : May 10 (Thur), 2018

Conference language is English.
Before preparing your abstract, please read the following instructions carefully.

1.Use Microsoft WORD program.

2.Paper size should be A4 (210 mm×297 mm) and margins should be 35mm (top, bottom) and 30 mm (right, left).

3.The text should be single spaced in Arial in 11 point.

4.Type the title in 14 point Arial Bold with initial letters in capitals.

5.The presenting author should be listed first and underlined.

6.Topic of the Symposium is “Occupational lung diseases”. Topic of the Workshop is “Life style”.

7.Oral presentations for poster should be presented no longer than 90 seconds.

8.Oral presentations and Workshop presentation should be presented within 15 minutes, questions and discussions 5 minutes.

9.The size of the poster board is 150 cm high, 90 cm wide.

10.Awards will be given to the best posters.

11.Submission should be made by May 10 (Thur), 2018; send your abstract to the secretariat of your country.

Japan : Prof. Morimoto <>

China : Prof. Zhijun ZHOU <>

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대한산업보건협회 대외홍보팀 남해영 차장 <>